Mr. Jackson's Classroom
An unfortunate reality of the classroom environment in education today is that students are not getting the help that they need on homework due to the limited hours teachers have to explain the content. In my 18 years of teaching foreign language, I have noticed a steady decline in the amount of homework students complete. In speaking with my students, many indicate that they struggle with homework because there is no one there to help them when they get stuck. In math, they can bring their book to a parent or neighbor and get an explanation that could help them get over the hump. In a foreign language, the people closest to them are less likely to have the knowledge base help them through the difficulty due to an unfamiliarity themselves. The students are told to "look at your notes" but the funny thing is the note taking process was the easiest part. For that reason, I have modified my instructional method so that I am available to assist students with the most difficult part of the learning process, homework. I have simply changed my classroom instruction so that the students do the easy part at home (lecture/note taking) so that they can have a full class period to work on the most important aspects of language acquisition, speaking, hearing, and writing the language with someone who can help them when they get stuck.

Traditional Method Jacksonian Method

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Here's how it works:

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This is how this system has been successfully implemented across the nation:

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Classroom Rules and Procedures

Kyler Jackson

Room 14


Web Page:

Classroom Phone #:
(720) 423-7127

Realidades (Spanish), Beginning/Intermediate Japanese (Japanese)

Binder or Multi-subject notebook, pen or pencil, an active email account. For students who do not have internet access at home, they will need a small flash drive so that the lessons can be viewed on a non-internet connected device.

Late Work:

Late work (turned in any time after the due date) is worth 50% of the assignment value.


I am available for assistance before school, and during lunch 4 times per week. During 7th period, I will be in Computer Lab 121 to assist students and provide another opportunity to watch lessons or do extra credit.

My quizzes serve as periodic checks for understanding. They will very short but frequent to ensure that the students are watching their lectures and taking notes. In Japanese, there will be a daily graded warm up to give students the opportunity to practice all that they have learned.

Test dates are once a week (Thursday). Students do not have to test every week but this will give students the opportunity to advance past their current level if they desire and to make up tests that they performed poorly on.